Gemini Magazine Short Story Contest

All Five Finalists Will Be Published Online in
the June 2018 Issue of Gemini.

We are open to ANY subject, style, genre or length. Stories
must be unpublished but work on personal blogs is eligible.

Entries are read blind so everyone gets an equal chance.
Both new and experienced writers have won our contests.
All previous winners and finalists may be read below.

Do not include bio. Include contact info in email only (we delete this
before reading). Enter as many stories as you like. $7 fee for each.


1. Mail entry with $7 check or money order, payable to
Gemini Magazine, to:

Gemini Magazine
Short Story Contest
P.O. Box 1485
Onset, MA 02558 USA

(include $7 for each additional entry; put name and contact info on
separate page only; include SASE if you want reply)

Postmark deadline: March 31, 2018