I love a good greeting card. Once upon a time, my dream was to become a greeting card writer. Valentine’s Day is approaching and there are so many cards. Some of them are okay, but none of them convey what I’m really feeling. I decided to design a few cards for the couples who are trying to be more honest with each other (and a little passive aggressive). Okay, to be honest with all of you, I designed these cards so I could give them to my own partner. Now that I read them to out loud though, I’m thinking there may be a better time than a romantic holiday to start being totally honest and up front about things.

1 copy 2.jpg
1 copy.jpg
1 copy 3.jpg
2 copy 2.jpg
2 copy.jpg
2 copy 3.jpg
everyday is like Valentine's!.jpg

Feel free to reproduce any of these for your own use. By the way, I made all fo these with Canva. I love that site so much. It makes me feel like a creative person who can do design, but really just does it for me. Check it out.