I did it. I contacted my first five Erin Hartys. I'm hoping to hear from them all, but I know that is probably a long shot. In case you're wondering, here is the letter I sent.


Dear Erin Harty,

My name is Erin Harty. I know, it’s your name too, that’s why I’m contacting you. I am a writer and researcher whose latest project has to do with connections. I am reaching out to five people who share the same name and asking them to answer twenty questions. I would like to find out if people who share my name also share some of the same interests, memories, history. I want to see if five random strangers who share the same name have any other kind of connection.

I found you by searching our name on Google. I chose to contact the first five Erin Hartys that showed in the search results (going down the list further if I could not find contact information).

I would love it if you would participate, but I understand this may be a little too weird or invasive for you. I will be answering the same twenty questions and then comparing all of the answers (there may even be a pie chart involved). If you would like, I can also answer twenty questions of yours.

I will be writing about my experiment on my website, but whether or not you choose to participate, I will not be posting additional information that you do not supply to me. If you have a website, blog, business, or anything you would like to me to promote or link to, I would love to do that as well.

You can reach me at (redacted), and my website is www.wordsinthewalls.com. You can see my social media pages on Twitter (@writerelh) and Instagram (writer_elh).

If I don’t hear from you by April 18 I will assume you are not interested and move on to the next Erin Harty.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Erin L. Harty