What is your most vivid or favorite memory from childhood?

Post photo by Scott Swigart

Erin #1:

I have a lot of them... I guess the first that pops into mind is. When I was only about 3 or 4 I was in ballet and we had a recital.  We were wearing this outfits my grandma had made. They were all white with like a plaid stomach and red and green tutu and shoulders.  So much glitter. And in this dance there was a part where all the dancers were sitting on stools in a line. And there was one little boy in the middle.  And he pulled my ponytail during the dance, after which I was supposed to turn and then chase him around. And of course I loved that, because I thought he was so cute.  Typical me, chasing down the cute boys with fierce eyes and a big smile.


Erin #2:

I think the most vivid memory is the door destruction mentioned in response to question 3. Everyone in my family likes to bring it up to new people and I have to try to defend my actions.


Erin #3:

The one and only family vacation we ever took, sailing my dad's boat from Chicago to Holland, Michigan.


Erin #4:

Winning national beam champion


Erin #5 (Me):            

I have a memory of being around five and lying in an orange or red tent  with one of my cousins. The sun is shining through the fabric giving the light a 70s photograph look. . It’s hot and my hair and clothes are stuck to me. I’m in that in between state of sleep and awake. I can hear voices outside- my parents and aunts and uncles. I hear my grandmother’s distinctive laugh. I think we are in the park. I get the sense we were napping in there to keep the sun off of us, but I remember still feeling the tightness on my nose of a sunburn. Not sure if it’s a real memory or not.