Describe the most comfortable shoes you own.

Erin #1:

I have two... the first is a set of Brooks running shoes that I got special molded inserts for and that's absolutely changed the game of exercise, but that's more about the inserts than the shoes.  The most comfortable shoes I currently own are these knee-high slightly wedged Jambu leather boots. They look very legend of Zelda or kinda hunger games esque. Sort of a lot going on, but they are the most comfortable thing I own so I end up wearing them all the time.  Perfect for my aesthetic.


Erin #2:

A pair of Nike running shoes. They are soft and made to cushion each step. They are light-weight. The two downsides are the laces won't stay tied and the knitted-cloth material allows for water to drench my feet if it's raining or snowing.


Erin #3:

I have a pair of Crocs I wear around the house like slippers. :) They're brown and white.


Erin #4:

Tan moccasins with a bow


Erin #5 (Me):

I have a pair of brown suede Mary Janes— they are Earth shoes that I purchased from a TV shopping network more than a decade ago. I had never bought shoes that cost that much before, but I had a lot of foot pain and was looking for anything that would work. The bejeweled lady on the shopping network promised these were the most comfortable shoes I would ever own. And they were. Unfortunately, they are about at the end of their life.