Have you ever wanted to be something other than an Erin? If so, what?

Erin #1:

When I was little I was always kind of bummed about the name Erin.  I always wanted to be sparkle or jewel or crystal... very odd. And then in middle school, I wanted my name to be Charli.  And then in high school, I went to Louisa for part of my senior year. I have slowly grown into my name, and I have sort of come to think that it suits me in a way no other name could.  For a long time I wished I had a different name because I felt like I could not stand out without it, and what I realize is that it sort of works the opposite. Erin is sort of common, almost plain but I am not and I am the one that makes the name so much more.


Erin #2:

I have wanted to be something else, but not sure what would fit me. I've never thought I was a good fit for Erin, but people have been telling me it's the only name that fits.


Erin #3:

Not really. I felt a little left out as a kid because all my friends had -ie names (Jenny, Margie, Marnie, etc.) and I couldn't do that with mine, but I never minded the name itself.


Erin #4:

Nope. I can't trade who I am so I learn to love it.


Erin #5 (Me):            

When I was in junior high I briefly wanted to be an Erika, but I’ve always harbored a secret desire to be a Kate. For the most part though, I am very happy being an Erin.