It's time to start looking at the answers to my questions from the Erins. I previously posted all of the twenty questions, hoping before I posted my own answers and those of the other four Erins, I would get some readers to comment with their own responses. Unfortunately, I am not that popular (have very few readers), so I haven't gotten any outside responses. 

I have yet to read the responses from the other four Erins—I have simply saved them and waited until I had collected them all. Today I will start by editing the previous posts with the questions to add my responses and those of the other Erins. The idea is to compare the five and see if there are any similarities or any significant differences.

I realize how unscientific this is, especially since I am not taking into account age, family background, geographic location or any other variables. Maybe I will learn something interesting, maybe I won't, but I'm going to enjoy the journey. I hope all two of your readers out there enjoy it as well. 

Let's get started: Question #1