Only child, middle child, oldest, youngest, one of many?


Erin #1:

Middle. One of 3.

Erin #2:

I'm the youngest of the biological kids. I grew up with my brother, who I briefly mentioned. He's a crafty ginger.  Both parents remarried. My dad's step-daughter is younger than me. My mom's step-kids are all over the map (there are 4 of them), but they're horrible to my step-dad so I don't associate with them.

Erin #3:

Oldest of two.

Erin #4:

Only child

Erin #5 (Me):

Semi-middle. There are four kids in my family and I am second from the oldest. I’ve always felt my brother and I were middle children sandwiched in between the one who has the most pictures in the family albums, and the one got the most attention as a kid. Sorry Rachel and Ben. I’m sure it’s not true, but you have to admit you were photogenic and the favorite, respectively.



No rhyme or reason to this one. I was really hoping for someone to have a dozen siblings. I love how Erin #2 calls her brother a crafty ginger.