Describe your hands.


Erin #1:

Knobby joints, but soft and small. Short nails, chipped black polish.  Tons of rings. Strong, sharp, rounded movements.

Erin #2:

My mom calls my fingers alien. My hands are long and somewhat slender. I worked outside for a year and couldn't wear gloves, so I ended up with frost bite. I now have issues with circulation and gauging temperatures.

Erin #3:

I have "man hands" and hate having long fingernails, so my nails are always trimmed short and I never wear nail polish. The only jewelry I wear daily is a gold claddaugh ring on my right ring finger.

Erin #4:

Clammy, rough

Erin #5 (Me):

My hands have always seemed a little masculine to me. My palms are wide and my fingers kind of thick. I have hairy knuckles and freckles. The last year I’ve gotten some age spots and my already flimsy nails have gotten more brittle. My cuticles are torn and I have a small hang nail on my left pointer finger. I wear a simple silver wedding band on my left ring finger that is too big and slips around when my hand are cold. My tips of my pinky fingers turn inward at the top joint and my right middle finger has a thick callous where my pencil sits when I write. They aren’t pretty, but they’re strong and soft.