If you were told you needed to quit your job today and find another career, what would it be?


Erin #1:

Dream life? Wedding planner or own my own bed and breakfast.  Reality? Food service.

Erin #2:

I would be a writer or editor. I'm currently proofreading on the side, hoping to eventually make that a career.

Erin #3:

Something in the non-profit/advocacy sector.

Erin #4:


Erin #5 (Me):

First off, I wouldn’t need anybody to force me to quit my day job. I’d be on that in a heartbeat. My dream career would be as an editor at a small independent book publisher. Reading all day (good or bad) collaborating with authors to get their best work, and helping to polish manuscripts. I know this job doesn’t exist in the real world, at least not for me, but I can dream.