Did you play an instrument in school? If so, which one and for how long?


Erin #1:

Haha, which instrument didn't I play.  I played keyboard, oboe, trombone, percussion, violin, flute.  Keyboard I played from age 6 to age 15.  Oboe a year. Trombone a year.  Percussion age 11 to age 15.  Violin a year. Flute two years.

Erin #2:

I played saxophone for 3 years and violin for a year. My school was very poor and cancelled many programs, which is why the violin was only played for a year. I've considered seeing if I could take lessons again.

Erin #3:

Not in school, but I took piano lessons from about age 5 (?) through 12.

Erin #4:


Erin #5 (Me):

I played the flute in junior high. I’m not sure if I chose it because my sister had played it or because it seemed like a feminine instrument to my hormone-laden brain. It didn’t last long, barely a full school year, and I never really learned to read music like the other kids. Can you lip sync flute playing? Because I’m pretty sure that is what I did.



Conclusion: I am starting to think Erin #4 is the youngest of the bunch (maybe #3 also). I remember playing an instrument as something everyone did for a while in school, so perhaps the other Erins are closer to my age? Wow, Erin #1, go you!!!