All-time favorite movie?


Erin #1:

I have a special connection to "Nightmare Before Christmas".

Erin #2:

"Shawshank Redemption". The short story and script were the reasons I wanted to be a writer.

Erin #3:


Erin #4:

"The Outsiders".

Erin #5 (Me):

"You’ve Got Mail". It’s not ground breaking movie making or an historically important film, but I can watch it over and over again (and I have). The music, the acting, the writing (especially the witty dialogue between the two main characters) is the full package for me. Plus, is it usually my background noise for writing. It’s one of the only things I can listen to while I write without being distracted. I think it is because I have seen it so many times.




Conclusion: I would like to know more about this special connection Erin #1 has. I haven't seen "Once" (not even sure if I linked the correct film), but I did enjoy all the other films. I'm wondering if Erin #2 does some screenwriting.