What's the one chore you absolutely hate doing?

Erin #1: 

Unloading the dishwasher. I don't mind loading it, but I hate going back and forth to unload it. Makes me crazy.

Erin #2:

I hate vacuuming. Although I almost always make myself sick when I go overboard with the cleaning products in the bathroom...so maybe that should be the hated task.

Erin #3:


Erin #4:

Washing Dishes

Erin #5 (Me):

When I was a kid it was probably washing dishes, but as an adult it is definitely the bathroom. More specifically, it is cleaning the toilet. I have a son and a husband, and sharing a bathroom with anyone who stands up to pee and doesn't always turn the light on when get up at night, is pretty disgusting.


Conclusion: This one is easy. No one likes to do chores.





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*Post image by Rennett Stowe