What did you do growing up that got you in trouble?


Erin #1

Never really got in trouble, my parents accused me of selling weed to my brother one time, which was not true... then they apologized, so really nothing.  They got really upset once in 8th grade when I had a bad grade in math, but that really was about it.  I was a good kid, and sneaky.

Erin #2

The jury is still out on that crime, so I can only give you a limited description. I was a paper girl. The newspaper required us to collect the subscription dues. They would then cheat us if those on our route would not pay. I was owed $300. One of the subscribers, I'll call douchbag's magoo, didn't pay. I was told I wouldn't be paid until magoo paid them. I was angry and kicked the ground. Somehow I connected with the glass door and it shattered. (I should mention it was winter.) My dad and brother say I did it on purpose, but I didn't.

The punishments were: no tv, loss of wages, police at my house, paying off the damages, and the first time my dad was so angry he said he was disappointed in me.

Erin #3

Harass my younger brother.

Erin #4

Almost setting the house on fire 2 times by accident

Erin #5

Our phone was on a party line—if you aren’t old enough to know what that is, it is a telephone circuit shared by multiple households. It was usually cheaper than a private line, but if someone sharing your circuit was using the phone, you could not. You could, however, listen to their entire conversation. This is how I got in trouble. I spent hours listening to the conversations of our neighbors. I heard all the community gossip, peoples' personal medical information, and even listened in when a woman cried to a friend about her daughter being pregnant (they lived up the hill from us, and I was the first to get the scoop. Which didn’t really mean anything, as I was only 12 and no one cared what I had to say anyway).  



I really want to hear the story that goes along with Erin #4's answer. Was it lighting candles in her bedroom, spilling oil on the stove, leaving a curling iron on the carpet, putting gas-soaked clothes in the dryer? I really should have insisted on an expanded answer. :)

I can relate to harassing a sibling and being sneaky, but mainly good, but I never almost set the house on fire or caused a ruckus at a job as a kid (not as an adult either).

Photo Attribution- Flickr (Schwar)