What's the first thing you bought with your own money?

Erin #1: I worked really hard all senior year to buy an Epic Local Skip Pass my freshman year of college. That was really huge for me.

Erin #2: I think the first think purchased was a Nintendo game. I'm guessing my charming brother convinced me to buy one he wanted. More than likely it was Little League World Series.

Erin #3: I don't really remember, but probably a Breyer model horse.

Erin #4: Makeup

Erin #5 (Me): An aquamarine one-piece bathing suit that had a low-cut back and lots of thin straps crisscrossing the back. I never got to wear it out of my bedroom. She has never admitted to it, but I am pretty sure my mom took it from my drawers and disposed of it when I wasn’t around. It was not something that would gain her approval.


Conclusion: Erin #1 and I are definitely different on this one- I assume she bought the ski pass to actually ski. Me, I bought the swimsuit to piss off my mom and to look good. That's where Erin #4 and I are similar (looking good). I also collected model horses, but I'm pretty sure they were all gifts. Erin #2 should have stuck with MarioKart- it's a classic and everyone can enjoy it. I enjoy going to baseball games to eat the hot dogs and relax, but I would never play a baseball video game. :)


What was your first purchase?