Words In The Walls

I love to take walks in the surrounding neighborhoods in the evening. It gives me a chance to glance in a lit window or two and observe the lives of strangers.  I've seen families eating dinner, people watching television or reading books by the fire—but what I haven't seen is what really happens inside those four walls. We tend to keep the things we fear, or are ashamed of, from the outside world—we keep our secrets behind walls. Those walls (like those in every house) have a story, and they are lined with words. I am letting them free.

Who I Am

My name is Erin Harty. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my family, two dogs—Ralph the Mouth, and Henley the Super Dog, and one rat (as yet unnamed). I recently sprouted more gray hairs than is acceptable for my age, and I can be wildly inappropriate around strangers. My spare time (when it can be located) is spent reading and writing, looking for the perfect pub/coffee shop, going to bookstores, and letting Pinterest make me feel bad about myself.

What I Write

I write stories about the day-to-day—the ordinary. What I find as I write these stories, is the mundane and ordinary is often full of extraordinary characters leading interesting lives. Henry may look like a businessman driving home from work after an uneventful week, but what's twisting inside him, and what happens next, is unexpected. Look longer, look deeper, and follow along.

What I do

Along with my own writing, I also do some freelance copyediting and proofreading. If you are looking for someone to do some editing, or just need a once-over, send me an email.  I am also always looking for people interested in building a community of writers to share work with, and get feedback on projects and ideas. 


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