For years I wrote 'yeah' when I meant 'yay'. When I think about this, I realize I probably sounded like a complete weirdo via text and email. I suppose before text and email I rarely wrote that word down. It's more something you say in response to someone else's news—you're more likely to use it in a two-way immediate conversation than a letter, and heaven help me if I ever used it when I wrote a paper.

I'll think of something I want to say to someone and then I will rehearse the line over and over in my head or out loud.

This is mostly to avoid forgetting it. It also helps me to fine tune--since my first thoughts are usually snarky or sarcastic, I often have to sensor myself. The out loud part can be a bit bothersome. I have, on more than one occasion, noticed people looking at me with puzzled or bemused expressions after hearing my rehearsals.

I don't like other parents very much.

This really makes me sound like an asshole, but it's true. I don't seem to have much in common with people who have kids the same age as mine. This is usually because they are a lot older than me. I have more tolerance for parents of small children, especially if those small children are my nieces and nephews.

I write way too many stories I never finish.

I know this is true of most writers, but I always feel like I've abandoned my characters—dropped them off at an orphanage for half-decent characters. It's not that they don't have potential, but I've either lost interest or any real hope for their immediate futures.