I am not a huge fan of Christmas. If you ask my children, they will say I am a scrooge when it comes to the winter holiday. It used to be something I enjoyed, but as I've gotten older and my extended family has spread out a little more geographically, it's not the magical holiday it used to be. I think a lot of my attitude stemmed from the commercialization of the holiday, and the grumpiness of the general public this time of year.

This year, I am trying my best to bring back some of my old Christmas cheer. My daughter, Moira, noticed this change last night as I pointed out some Christmas lights and turned the radio to Christmas music. She asked me, "What's with all the Christmas cheeriness all the sudden?" I was pretty pleased with myself that my cheerfulness had come off more genuine than forced. I told her I was making more of an effort this year, and that the drugs helped. :)

Whatever is helping me get into the spirit of Christmas, it still doesn't overcome the fact that this is a dangerous holiday—in more ways than one. The number of automobile accidents goes up because road travel increases and often people are driving in bad weather or after consuming too much alcohol. I personally think some of the traffic accidents are because people are rage driving—not road rage, but family gathering rage. This might happen to you after fighting with your family about why they always have to bring up the fact you don't have kids yet or aren't married or don't have a job or are still living in their basement.

Contributing to the danger of Christmas are the aforementioned auto accidents and the mental health issues that go along with spending time with family. And if that's not enough to convince you of the danger, you should read this article about the Christmas-related injuries reported each year. Spoiler Alert: some of them are stocking related. I kid you not.


Now that I've crushed your holiday spirit, here's a little something to bring a smile back to your face. Elf Yourself (and anyone else whose picture you have). I know it seems silly, but trust me, it's totally worth it. My gift to you: me and my girls as Christmas elves.

Here's to a cheery holiday season with minimal injuries.






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