Rob McPherson, oil on canvas

Rob McPherson, oil on canvas


Most weeks, by the time Wednesday rolls around, I am ready for  a few distractions to get me through to Friday. I have compiled a list of things I found interesting this week and hope you enjoy them as well. Check back each Wednesday for a new list.

Wednesday Roundup

Ever since I saw Sleepless in Seattle I've wanted to live on a houseboat. I feel like this could be my empty nest plan. Here's one I love for sale in Portland, OR. Unfortunately, I think it will be sold before I am ready.

Speaking of the water, I love this work by artist and ocean activist Courtney Mattison. She currently has a solo show at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

While we are on the subject of ceramics and houses (are you seeing the domino effect here?), there is a great company in Portland, OR called Clayhaus Ceramics that make amazing custom tiles. Clayhaus was chosen as a 2015 finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made contest.

There was another Portland, OR finalist in the 2015 American Made contest that I love.  North Drinkware produces pint glasses with mountain topography coming up from the bottom. They are beautiful.

Craft beers and cocktails are all the rage right now, but some of us just want a yummy drink in a pretty glass. Check out these delicious, non-alcoholic drinks  from Food & Wine. The Tuscan Fresco, which is making my mouth water, has peach nectar and cranberry juice.

It's not long now before peaches and other stone fruit are in season. Here in the Pacific Northwest that is around July. I may have to wait for peaches, but our local farmers market is really bringing it when it comes to radishes, potatoes, carrots and greens. The flowers right now are out of this world as well.

I'll be using some of the greens I got at the farmers market to make this Stromboli for dinner- Linguica, onions and spinach sound about right.

And after weeks of having guests in and out of our home, It's time to make a list of our dinner conversation policies like this humor piece in The New Yorker.

Do you have anything you want to share or that you think I should include for next week's roundup? If so, you can comment on this post or go to the Contact section of this website to send me an email.

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