I have bangs. You heard me right- I got bangs over the weekend. I didn’t just get them, I gave them to myself. That’s right, I cut my own hair, and it looks pretty darned good to the untrained eye. Do you want to know my secret? YouTube. I watched three different YouTube tutorials on cutting a sweeping bang and then took the easiest parts from each and did it myself.

I haven’t had bangs since the 90s. Everyone had bangs in the 90s. How else were we supposed to get that big hair look to frame our faces, if not with the help of lots of AquaNet and some well-cut bangs?

My daughters say they make me look younger. Then all the gray hair gives me away. From a distance you can’t see the gray hair, and even if you could, I can’t see you (another thing about getting older- your vision gets worse).

That’s my big news of the week, and if I’m lucky that is as exciting as it will get. Trust me, deciding to cut or not to cut was exhausting.


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