Wednesday Roundup - 6.8.16

I have a very good excuse for missing last week's roundup—I was moving my son into his apartment at college. That's right, I have a college-age son, and next year will also have a college-age daughter. Another year after that, another college student, and then we are empty nesters. What will we do with ourselves? Probably look at more stuff like this:



I am in love with You've Got Mail, so this live blog of the movie makes me so happy. Plus, I think I might have to do this myself some time.


This nut shop exists and I have been there. The nuts are what you’d expect. Side note: when are nuts going to have their coffee moment? Why aren’t varieties of cashews a thing? Or particularly full-bodied almonds? I would pay extra for local hazelnuts, assuming that regular hazelnuts are not already local.

Math is for girls: Danica Miller is a mathematician, and she is so cool. 

Interpreting music into ASL. It's beautiful to watch, and really makes me want to dance.

Going to any music festivals this summer? The Daily Dot has some tips to keep you hydrated and enjoy the fun. 

Strawberries are in season. You should make this.

Being politically aware (kind of) with humor.

What I'm reading this week: Emma Straub's Modern LoversThe NY Times recently did a piece on Straub that made me love her even more.


I hope your week is lovely.




Graphics from Vecteezy

Feature photo by Akash Kataruka