Wednesday Roundup- 7.6.2016

I need to laugh. Humor almost always gets me out of a funk—maybe it works for you too. If so, here are a few things that make me laugh:

I am disenchanted with Facebook lately. These two posts from The Bloggess and The Oatmeal, are a good representation of how I feel.

Are you a Dr. Seuss fan? I am, and I would love to have some of this Seuss taxidermy.

I have made some pretty awful meals during my experimental phases, but every once in a while, a fail becomes a win—check out this Accidental Broccoli.

I have been known to watch the fireplace videos on YouTube to make me feel better about not having real one, but this is just weird.

Nothing beats a good playlist


How is it that men can sleep anywhere? I can barely sleep in my own bed. It seems unfair.

*Side note: My friend Amy and I both say, "Seriously?" a lot. Amy's toddler, Connor, has now added this to his vocabulary, and it cracks me up to see him using it on her. 


What I'm reading this week: Anything from McSweeney's