I hate the mall. My teenage daughters love it, and I want it to fall into a sinkhole (late at night when no one is in it, of course). My youngest will spend for-ev-er at every single makeup counter. By the time we leave it looks like she's a human paint sample for Sherwin-Williams.

This weekend a saleswoman in Ulta called her "delightfully pale". That is such a weird comment. It sounds like something a vampire would say when they are looking for new recruits. Moira wears her arm of many colors like a badge of pride. If I were to try out all these products my body would be covered in welts. My skin is way too sensitive for the things they put in makeup these days. 

The mall in general is not a great place for anyone who has allergies or sensitivities. The smells alone could cause asthma attacks. It's almost as if I have radar- my sinuses scream at me when I'm within 100 yards of Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle Co.. Then there are stores like Rue 21 that make my eyes bleed with their continuous mist of bad perfume, awful music and body odor- not to mention the smell of pleather and polyester blend. 

The few things that make mall trips bearable- the library branch on the second floor,  See's Candies, people watching and leather massage chairs (not necessarily in that order).