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Wednesday Roundup - 4.20.16


Wednesday Roundup - 4.20.16

Everywhere I look today people are celebrating April 20th- the anniversary of the day in 1976 when George Harrison slipped in to perform the Lumberjack Song with Monty Python. Haven't heard the song? Here you go:

You can read a little bit about Harrison's secret performance with Monty Python in NYC here.

Wait, that's not what everyone in Washington is celebrating today? I won't be using this week's roundup to bring you links to the best places to buy weed in Washington, but I will give you some great links to help you pass a Wednesday afternoon.

Vivien O'Malley is a ceramic artist from Ireland. Her Urchins series is one of my favorites.

I love this shop on Belmont in Portland, Oregon. First, the shop is called Noun: a person's place for things, and second, they sell cool things like this vintage stapler:

These photos by Shawn Clover- composites of San Francisco in 2010 and after the 1906 earthquake- are fascinating.

Illustrator Sally Nixon is my new best friend- she just doesn't know it yet. I love that she draws women in the midst of doing things they do every day. One of my favorites.

This article in The Atlantic about middle-class debt was fascinating. Neal Gabler discusses his own financial struggles and the research that shows nearly 50% of Americans could not cover a $400 emergency out of pocket.

On a lighter note, this New Yorker humor piece, All the Excuses That Didn't Work to Get Me Out of Jury Duty. My favorite: "The Brooklyn courthouse is really ugly and not conductive to #JuryDuty Instagrams."  


Hope the rest of your week if fabulous.