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Talking Dogs?

Can you write a talking dog without it being creepy? I'm thinking the main character in my new story only thinks the dog is talking to her, but I haven't gotten that far yet. 

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Are talking dogs:

Too Creepy?

Too Disneyesque?

Too overdone?

Slightly interesting?

Weird, but maybe brilliant?




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Musical Medicine

If anyone were to actually read all the sticky notes that cover my desk, they might think I have lost my mind. At the very least, they would think I had a little too much to drink before coming to work. Yesterday's note: Boy uses inhaler through harmonica.

This actually happened. A kid, ( I say kid, but only because in relation to my age, he's a kid) probably 19 or 20, sitting in the waiting room yesterday pulled an harmonica from his pocket, put it to his mouth and then covered it with the end of his inhaler. He pushed on the inhaler, breathed in through the harmonica, and made a short note while getting his asthma medicine. 

I thought that was worth writing down. 

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Vulnerable: adj., capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt.

I am feeling particularly vulnerable lately. Vulnerable- it's an interesting word, and a complicated emotion. Vulnerability can cause anxiety, sadness, anger, and fear. Working with an office full of psychologist and other mental health practitioners, my first tendency is to find the reason for these feelings- is it the time of year, has something happened in my life recently to merit these feelings, what are some other times I have felt this way, and what made it better? 

Sometimes I think it's all rubbish. There are days when I want to wallow in my own self-pity for a couple of hours. You know- woe is me and all of that. It helps to eat a bunch of unhealthy foods and hole up in your room with a cup of tea and a warm dog. Sometimes taking a shower and crying it out works too. No matter how hard you try, sometimes you have no words or see no reason for these feelings. Sometimes you are sad for no reason. 

For me, working through these times usually involves writing. I give a character some of these same emotions and find a way for them to work through them- or not. It's cathartic and sometimes results in some really interesting stories and characters. And then sometimes they are crap. Either way, when I'm done I usually feel a whole lot better. 

With that said, I think I am going to go and write about a girl whose inner turmoil is getting in the way of her self-expression.




On the Mend

There is a kind of deep sorrow that overcomes me when I finish reading a really good book. It's a sadness that pushes down on my chest and wends its way through my limbs. It makes me feel as though I will never read another book that moves me the way this last one did. Then, surprisingly, I pick up another book that draws me to its very spine and I am reminded again of the sadness. 

Although this is ultimately the way I want every book to make me feel, I recognize how exhausting it would be. After reading a book like that, it often takes me several days, sometimes a week or more, before I can pick up another book. It takes so much energy to invest myself so fully in the characters and writing in such a book, that I feel as though I have run a marathon through mud. 

Oh that every line of prose I wrote could be so well received by others. I long to lead my readers into a deep melancholy with the last sentence of my stories.