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How do you say 'I have a fever' in Farsi?


How do you say 'I have a fever' in Farsi?

I am sick. I'm pretty sure it's either the flu or something worse that is going to kill me. There are copious amounts of phlegm, uncontrollable coughing (that comes with a wheezy, rattling, vibrating chest noise), sinus pressure, fever, sore throat, sleeplessness, all over body soreness, lack of appetite (a good indication that I am going to perish), and non-existent motivation (this may not be a new symptom). 

So what do you think? Am I dying? It sure feels like it. I used up all my sick time and had to go back to work. Everyone is giving me a wide berth and using more than the normal amount of hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes. 

Enough about that- on to the real reason for this post.

Before I got too sick to stand up without assistance, I got to visit with our friends, Somi and Mazdak, who came all the way from Johnstown, PA. We went to Powell's, found an amazing Persian restaurant, sat around talking about idioms (American and Persian) and just enjoyed one another's company. Somi also made me homemade soup and fussed over me. Doesn't it feel good to have friends that take such good care of you?

The visit, briefly:


Persian Food:

Persian House in Portland, OR has a good menu. The kabob koobideh and saffron rice were amazing. Everything I ate was good, but I really wish they had desserts.  I had bamieh at a restaurant in D.C. a few years ago and now I think about it all the time.  Another great dish is tahdig. I like it best with crispy bread on the bottom.


A few facts about Johnstown, PA:

  • The casing for the atomic bombs dropped in World War II were made in Johnstown.

  • Charles Dickens visited in 1842.

  • In 1889 there was a devastating flood-- with two more major floods in 1936 and 1977.

  • People in Johnstown mow their lawns 2-5 times a week.*

*This "fact" is courtesy of Mazdak.

Persian Idioms:

  • The mouse couldn't fit through the hole, and then it tied a broom around its tail.

  • Walls have mice. Mice have ears. *(divār moosh dāreh, moosh ham goosh )

  • Don't pick up two watermelons with one hand.

  • When the river flows uphill the frog sings opera.

*I found this phonetic translation online, so not sure it's accurate in Farsi.

I can't wait to see our friends again. I am practicing some Farsi words and sentences for the next time I see them. Farsi sounds so beautiful when they speak it. My mouth just makes it ugly. I'm working on it. 

I am giving myself a pass this week on the regular Wednesday Roundup, but here are a few things to tide you over until next week:

Since visiting with some long-distance friends, I thought this article on long-distance BFFs was appropriate.

I would love to visit Iran one day, and learn to speak Farsi. Until then, I really enjoy this Instagram account-- Everyday Iran.

What I am reading:

Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh DuMas



One question:

Do Homeowner's Associations allow goats as lawnmowers?