I am in the process of editing the first draft of my novel. It is so disheartening sometimes. Scenes I really loved when I wrote them have to be thrown out and new material still being added. I have considered taking a match to the whole thing. Someone else said they lean more toward throwing their manuscript against a wall at times like these. I don't think that would do it for me—it's not permanent enough. I have yet to destroy it though, and I know I won't, but the whole process can be agony.

I find myself creating diversions from the work at hand. I can't call it procrastination exactly because it is related to the novel, but it is usually something time consuming like rewriting character sheets or drawing up the plans for the main character's home (which is what I did yesterday). It can be pretty helpful. There are many scenes in this house, so it helps me remember where things are when I write or rewrite a scene. Basically, it keeps me from contradicting myself.

Does anyone else do this?

I'm afraid if I don't start dedicating more time to the edits and rewrites, I might end up with an entire 3D model of the town where the book is set.


As you can see, I am not great with proportions, but it does allow me to envision the space where my character spends a lot of time.

What do you do to stay organized inside the world you are creating?