I'm throwing around the idea of writing some personal essays. I came across one I wrote in college, and I realized how easy it is for time and growth to change your perspective. It makes me wonder if autobiographies shouldn't be rewritten every decade. How you write about your experiences looks so different when you are 20 than when you are in your 30s or 40s, or after you have children, or experience loss. Time does that to us though, doesn't it? It allows us to take a step to the left or get down on the floor and look at our experiences from a different angle. 

Maybe you wrote about losing a parent a year after their death, but now, 15 years later you write about it again. Instead of writing as though you are in the room (which you were), you end up writing as though you were in the doorway or watching through a window. The distance, the growth, the life experiences that teach us about ourselves, also inform our writing. 

Here's a writing idea for any of your who still have a diary from childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood: Take each entry and rewrite it from your view today, as you are now. What changes, do you remember other details, do you remember less? Is it less emotional or dramatic, or is it more? Someone has probably already done this, so if you know of a book like this, let me know.