Last month I was on a business trip in the same town where my sister-in-law and her family live. I was staying at a pretty nice hotel with a really cool pool and invited my sister-in-law and my two nephews to come swimming. My nephews had swimsuits, but my sister-in-law was still wearing her work attire and I was in street clothes. While the boys were swimming, the youngest got a little too close to the deep end and we called out to him. He looked around him, realizing how deep the water was and panic began to set in. He was going down, flailing a bit and getting even closer to the deep end. Before I could even turn to my left to grab a flotation device, my sister-in-law was in the water - chest deep in her nice work clothes. Now that is a mother's love.

Lesson learned: When you take your kids swimming, even if you don't plan on going in, be prepared!!!!!

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