We had such a great Christmas this year.  It was really hard to leave my family back in California to come home to Idaho.  It was even harder to leave the 74 degree sunny weather of Los Angeles.  Jon and I tried to think of ways to stay a little longer, but none were very practical.  I hate being practical sometimes.  Here are some photos of our crazy family Christmas.  
Maggie and Kyle opening presents Christmas morning.
Moira on Christmas morning.     Emma, Moira and Eliza

Moira and Tylor with goofy faces.        Eliza eating breakfast Christmas morning.

Rachel and Janie.  Maggie says she has Weasley-red hair.           Jon, Kyle and Ben

Even Marley got a stocking.   Breakfast Christmas morning.

Aunt Cindy picking a present.         Steve wearing Maggie's new hat.