In Portland for Spring Break we got the chance to visit Saturday Market. (one of our favorite places to go.)  Moira pointed out several times though, it can't be Saturday Market if we are going on Sunday.  

For the first time in years we encountered an old friend at the market- Elvis.  Elvis has been a staple in Portland for many years.  When we first met Elvis he played a rubber guitar and wore a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. ***  This visit he was dressed up in his black, bedazzled jump suit playing an actual guitar.  Albeit, he only played one chord and the words to the songs were sometimes mumbled and incoherent.  

Maggie got the chance to sing the chorus to one song.  Our friend Tony told us the story of the one time when Elvis went missing.  Everyone in Portland was in an uproar.  It was reported in The Oregonian and people were worried.  He turned up a week later- turns out he went to Disneyland.  

We made sure to fill Elvis' jar with some bills and he then sidled up to Tony, put his arm around him and told him, "You know I do parties too, right?"

Awww, Elvis!!!

***when we get home I will post pictures of our first Elvis encounter.