The kids often ask to get on our computers to check their e-mail or play games and we let them, as long as we are home and they use the computers in a common area. Well, as we found out this week, we don't always pay attention to what they are doing. Jon and I have built-in webcams on our laptops and a program that allows you to take photographs or video and save it. It also has a bunch of different features allowing you to distort or change the color of your video or photo.

I discovered this video on my photo program that Moira and Kyle had made. Jon and I laughed so hard I felt like my ribs were broken. I have watched it at least five times now and every time I laugh hard enough to make me snort. I hope you enjoy it just as much.

This video in no way reflects my personal beliefs or attitudes. Do not drink carbonated beverages or milk while viewing this video and never view it in quiet spaces such as public libraries.

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