I received this comment anonymously on my blog post about Route 66 and the Dinesphere.  I find it kind of amusing.  Hmmm wonder who could have sent it?  The owner?

Tell me what you think.  Here is the link to the post and then the comment below:

I saw your comments about the "dinesphere" and need to correct you. First, the jerky is prominently displayed on the top shelf nearest the counter. It is hanging from hooks. If you didn't see it, you should have asked. It is also not advertised as the "best." It is advertised as "out of this world." Most people love it, especially the teriyaki. The previous owners are mentioned by name b/c they have been mentioned elsewhere on the internet as having owned the dinesphere. The new owner has not been mentioned and there is no need to start now. The man you spoke to is not the owner. He was an employee and no longer works there b/c he has a bad attitude, e.g., referring to the owner's daughter as a retard. Finally, there is no orangutan.

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