I had to share this tidbit after reading a post on a fellow blogger's website.

This doll- Bebe Gloton (gluttonous baby)- is from a Spanish company and is available only in Spain at the moment- for 44 Euros or about $60. This doll responds with sucking noises when its mouth is placed against the flower shaped "breasts" of a child-size halter top. I am finding this disturbing and amusing all at once. Apparently it is causing quite the uproar.

I personally would never purchase this for one of my children, but I figure some people will really love this. (I think I might know a few right here in Moscow.)

The idea of "breast-feeding" a baby doll is not new. You see little girls with their dolls all the time doing it without the aid of a halter top with pasties. Children mimic what they see their parents doing and if they have a baby brother or sister who is being breast-fed- chances are they will try it with their dolls.

If you want to see a demonstration of what the doll does you can watch this Youtube video.

What are your thoughts on the doll?

Thanks again to Carolyn at Stepford Dreams for my first introduction to the gluttonous baby.