I came across this news article from 2008 about an Ohio town where knitters began to make sweaters for the pear trees. It slowly became a community project and the more I researched the phenomena I found this has caught on all over the country. Where there is a knitter, there is a way.

Read the whole article here.

Here is Yellow Springs, Ohio's Knitknot Tree.

Artist Carol Hummel knitted this cozy sweater in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. What can I say? Wow!

"Yarn Bombing," as I have seen it called, is quite the craze. I can do a lot of things with yarn, but I never would've dreamed of dressing up my trees.

Here is a site devoted to the art of Yarn Bombing. Anyone thinking of starting to bundle up some trees, light posts, mailboxes, statues etc. in the Northwest? Let me know, because I may just have to get out my needles and start knitting.