It's Christmas Eve and we are still in our pajamas at 10:30 a.m. We are watching Frosty the Snowman and though I have always loved this movie I find myself laughing at the voices of the animated characters. I don't think they used any children's voices. They are all adults, trying to sound like kids, which just ends up being creepy.

Later today Jon will dress up as Santa Claus and our family will go caroling around the neighborhood handing out candy canes. I feel as though I should send out a warning prior to the singing so our neighbors can buy earplugs. They are going to want more than candy canes. We are just trying to spread the Christmas tears, I mean cheer.

Jon tried on the the big guy's wig early and I must admit he looks like a jolly homeless man. Hopefully the look will improve with the red suit and hat.