I am watching "You've Got Mail" as I clean my kitchen. It is one of my favorite Nora Ephron movies and one I watch when I want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As I watch Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks "chat" online and become friends and ultimately fall in love, I started to think how nice it would be to have an anonymous friend to tell your problems to.

Wait a minute, it sounds like a patient and their therapist, a worshipper and confession with a priest or even an international pen pal from Bulgaria or Denmark you know you will never meet.

Hmmmmm.... maybe I should open a new Facebook account with an alias and ask Jon (my husband) to be my friend. If Jon is like a majority of people on Facebook, he will accept my alias as a friend, even though he is not sure if he actually knows me. Then I can chat with him every time he is online and unload my problems with my 'husband' or tell him about work. I would of course have to make up a different job and a fictitious husband who coincidentally has all the same annoying habits Jon does.

Okay, that really seems like a lot of work. Maybe it would just be easier to continue moaning and whining on my blog. Yep, that will be easier. While some of you know me, there may be some readers who don't. I can make this work.