Although I have had strong feelings about them before, it wasn't until my mother called and stirred up the rage in me that I thought I would post my feelings on the Twilight series books. First of all, let me preface this by saying that I have read the first three books. Curiosity and my inner desire for them to improve drove me to it, but I just couldn't get myself to finish the whole series.

That being said, I want to express my horror that these books have received good reviews from any reviewer who knows anything about good literature. While I admit, the story was at first compelling and entertaining, they are written atrociously, with bad character development, little profluence and negligent editing.

I know the public likes a good underdog story — Stephenie Meyer after all is an LDS mom, just doing what she loves (this is where I stick my finger down my throat and exclaim "gag me"), but these books do not do her any favors. As an LDS woman I truly wanted to root for Meyer, but after I read the books I kind of wish she hadn't advertised her religion. She gives Mormon writers everywhere a bad name.

I have a theory. Meyer's books became popular at first because of LDS women across the nation. They read the books, (by a woman like themselves) and then passed them on to their daughters, who then passed them on to their friends and the cycle began. Shame on you original readers. I hear all the time about how finally there was a PG-13 love story for LDS teens, but mothers, have you truly read the books? The main character, Bella, may not have had sex with her pale and rather uninteresting vampire, but she sure didn't have purity in thought either. Is this really the type of drivel you want your children reading? There are so many amazing books out there and surprise, surprise, you can actually find good teen fiction that isn't written by an LDS author.

The blame for the Twilight phenomenon, or tragedy as I have come to know it, should not entirely be placed on the reader. The world could have been spared from the stilted writing and bad dialogue if the publisher had not been so greedy and the editor of the books had actually given some editorial direction. If I am wrong and in fact, the editor did do their job, then why didn't the books get sent back to Meyer again and again for revision? The only reason to publish books like these before they are fully developed and reworked is to make money. The publisher may have read the story line and with their knowledge of the current market saw a gold mine. The books alone sold like hot cakes, but then there are the movies and posters, action figures and Barbie dolls. It is sad to say that money will triumph over good, solid literature these days.

I will say now that I did not write this post to purposely stir the pot and poke sticks at those who already have their hackles raised over criticism of the books. I simply felt the need to get my opinion on this series out there and just so you know, I am not the only one who feels this way. If you don't believe me just look up the reader reviews on