I have a confession — I now own a Snuggie. It's not a genuine As-Seen-On-TV Snuggie, but one Jon got at Macy's for me. It is made from ultra soft, light blue fleece and it has pockets. Snuggies don't have pockets. So I think I could call mine a splanket (sleeves, pockets, blanket).

I have really been enjoying my splanket, but feel a little foolish — especially when I am using it and I see a Snuggie commericial on TV. People just look odd using them. Today I found a short piece on MSN where they got a volunteer to walk the streets of NYC in a Snuggie, to gauge New Yorker's reactions. You can find the article here. It has pictures and is very entertaining.

So to all those skeptics out there, yes the Snuggie, or any kind of splanket, is very comfortable and nice to use on a cold winter day. Don't be embarrassed to use it — at least not in the comfort of your own home. If you choose to wear it out in public I can't guarantee you will get the same result.

P.S. They even have Snuggies for dogs. Wow — there are no words.