We were recently lured to Pullman to look at a four-bedroom apartment. What turned our sites to Pullman were Panda Express, Grad school, a pool and rec center at the apartment complex and the thought of the girls each having their own rooms (less fighting) - in that order.

So Jon and I made an appointment at this complex with a rental agent. The complex rhymes with Lampus Rommons. The woman who showed us around was really nice and even when she showed us the laundry faciliies (no hook-ups in the four-bedroom) I was undeterred.
We get to the apartment, which is a model so it was furnished with top-notch stuff, the living room is pretty small. The furniture made it look so inviting that we continued in.

Turning the corner to the "dining room" Jon and I had to stifle the giggles. The dining area was no bigger than a shower stall and the kitchen was miniature. When you opened the dishwasher it hit the cabinets on the other side.

It looks bigger in the photo, really.

The bedrooms barely fit a twin bed and dresser and all four were the same size. The agent explained to us that the four-bedrooms were the exact square footage of the two-bedrooms. What were they thinking?
If the living quarters weren't bad enough, the school buses don't even travel that far out so the kids would have to ride public transportation partway to and from school.

Suffice it to say, we will not be renting from them.
The search continues, but now we are strictly looking at houses and I think we are going to stay in Moscow.