Jon and I finally went and saw Avatar 3D last night. Surprisingly, it is still playing in the theater in Pullman. That James Cameron is raking in the money, and after last night I realize the movie theaters are as well. We paid $11.50 for a $8.50 ticket because of the 3D — got some cool black glasses and headed inside. Now, the last 3D movie we went to was Meet the Robinsons and it was pretty amazing. Those glasses looked like classic '80s Oakleys and the kids thought they were great when we brought them home to them (yes, we went without our kids — they were in school).

**Side note: during the advertisements before the show I saw one that made me laugh. A chiropractor was advertising his office with a picture of a person holding their back and grimacing in pain. After the info. for the office it said. Come in for a FREE 15-minute conversation.   Wow, you can get your back adjusted and have a conversation with the chiropractor for free. What a deal!

As we were sitting waiting for the movie to begin I noticed the glasses had a warning message on them. The first is not to wear them out in sunlight as they do not protect against UV light. The second made me angry. There is an anti-theft device built into the glasses. Okay, so the first warning is only for those who manage to get out of the theater (during a daytime showing) with the glasses.

Basically, at the end of the show there was a theater employee there to collect the glasses I had paid $3.00 for. I didn't know rentals could be that pricey.
The attendant thanked the woman behind me after she returned her glasses and as she walked away she said "Yeah, thank YOU, for making sure I gave BACK my glasses."
So, I'm not the only one who found it ridiculous.

Spoiler Alert:
On a lighter note, the movie was pretty good. The colors were amazing and so was the animation. I could have done without all the fighting, especially the 40 minutes it took at the end to kill the scary army guy. As far as movies as metaphors for destroying what isn't ours goes, it was okay. Worth the $11.50? Not so much. I would have been happy watching at home without the 3D and rental glasses.