There is a university instructor that I have had the pleasure of observing recently. His instruction is informative and his classes laid back, but it really gets interesting when he is outside of work and doing his day-to-day things. For any of you wondering, no I have not been stalking him, it just so happens that he spends a lot of time in the same places I do — like the video store. (not that kind of video store, but Hastings)

Anyway, I digress. A few weeks ago I saw him out jogging with his dog. I thought, 'that's good that he stays in shape,' then I thought 'but why does he have to dress like Olivia Newton John in "Let's Get Physical?" while he's doing it?' Seriously, he was wearing running shorts — the cotton kind with the wide white trim and the high cut on the thigh — and an oversized sweatshirt with the ribbing cut out of the neck (so it hung loose around his chest showing off his chest hair). His curly hair was shimmering as the sun reflected off the sweat in his tresses and his face had begun to turn a very bad shade of purple.

Today I saw him again, in a similar get-up, but he was outside the video store. After thinking back on the encounter (I am sure he didn't see me and even if he did, he wouldn't have acknowledged me. We don't have that kind of relationship) I realized that today he looked just like David Hasselhoff, just a lot shorter and less muscly.

Well, Hasselhoff did tell TV Guide that after leaving America's Got Talent, which he claims to have helped it gain its fame, he is now "thrilled to be able to follow my dream to do my own TV show."  Since he's got such a bright future, maybe he should be emulated. Hmm. Something to think about.

***Side note:  After looking for pictures of Hasselhoff I realized this instructor looks like the bizarro young Hasselhoff.