I have a webcam on my laptop. I feel cool to have one that is built right into my Macbook. Okay, not that cool after I found out all of the Macs had them built right in. The problem with webcams is that when you use it, either to chat with someone or just to take weird pictures of yourself, it is hard to look straight at it.
I will admit, I could be the only one to have this particular problem, but it is a problem none the less. When I use my webcam a mini picture of me comes up on the screen along with the picture of who I am speaking with. I am constantly looking at my own image to make sure my three chins aren't showing at the same time, you can't see every gray hair on my head and the computer is pointed away from the condemned area that is the office/dining room/art studio/library/photography studio/pantry.

As you can imagine, my eyes are never looking straight at the camera for long and this can result in the other party feeling as though I don't care. I care, I do. I just care more about appearances than I do about our conversation — unless of course you have something really funky going on in the background of your webcam. So far I haven't been that lucky. 

It is also very unfortunate that my webcam has all these affects you can apply to the pictures. Such a time sucker. It took me five hours to write this post. As you can see by the following photos, I am not the only one who can't help but be enamored with this software.

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