I did some research this past week on the veterinary science research being done at the University of Idaho — specifically with cattle. My mom was here visiting so I took her along and we were given the full tour by a very handsome gentlemen. While it was a hardship to tear my eyes away from our guide, I did learn some interesting stuff and got some fantastic pictures.

I've decided I really like cows. When I was young our family had a cow named Dodger that grew up to be beef for dinner, but before that my siblings and I loved to be around her. Touring the dairy and Steer-A-Year facilities kind of brought all that back. I think it did for my mom as well.

We were able to see all the beautiful new calves that have been born and pet and be licked by some other gorgeous cows. Their noses are so soft and velvety. All in all it was a great experience and I think will make a wonderful article. We will see how it pans out after I transcribe all my notes.

Mom getting her jacket licked by a research cow.

My mom decided this cow had markings on its face that would look at home during Dia de los Muertos.

A mom with her new calf hiding behind her.

One of the huskier new calves at the barn.

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