While sitting just outside the coffee shop on campus I heard the following exchange:

Barista: What can I get you today? (grabbing marker and coffee cup)

Customer: I'll have a grande half-caf, part-skim, low-foam, with room, toffee nut, marshmallow, white chocolate mocha latte espresso Americano with whip cream. (okay, that wasn't exactly it, but pretty close.)

Barista: (furiously scribbling the order on the side of the cup she held) Do you want that hot, iced or frappé? (note she has a hot cup in hand).

At this point, if this was a video, the action would be frozen and the deep narrator voice would break in.

Narrator: In the 35 degree weather what is the normal temperature for a coffee order? Many would argue the default temperature is hot, and it should be assumed so unless the customer requests differently. Let's return to the action to see what the customer decides.

Customer: (quizzical look on her face) Well, I want coffee. Isn't that what I ordered?

Narrator: There you have it. She just wants coffee.

This scene should be a commercial for a coffee company. They would be similar to the Dos Equis and Old Spice commercials - both of which are ingenious advertising.