I ask myself this question daily as I see people turning to texting for their social interaction. I can barely have a meal with someone, let alone a face-to-face conversation, without their texting getting in the way. When did it become more important to answer the text on your phone than speak to a friend in person?

Some days I just want to ditch my cell phone all together and go back to the good old days — when you couldn't get ahold of someone unless they were home and actually had a land line. Land lines aren't so bad.

When I was a kid we were on a party line. Okay, I realize that sentence makes me sound like I am 60, but I assure you I am not, I just grew up in a town that was a little slow on the uptake. Anyway, having a party line was the most exciting thing ever to me.

For any of those unfamiliar with the idea of a party line, it was when multiple households shared the same phone line. You could pick up the phone to call someone and find your neighbor talking to her mother. Basically, you couldn't use the phone unless no one else in the party line was. This sucked for anyone who shared a party line with a household full of teenage girls.

The party line seemed like the ideal thing for me, because I like to snoop — I got it from my mother (check her blog out). I like to walk by houses in the evening that have lights on and their curtains open and I especially enjoy hearing people talking on their phone. Imagine being privy to several of your neighbors and their private phone conversations. Unfortunately for me, we lived in a neighborhood populated with several seniors and a lot of boring people.

Back to my point: put away your friggin' cell phone already and look me in the eyes when I am talking to you!

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