My son is a member of a cult.

Okay, it's technically not a cult, but that is what Jon and I call it. Really it is a group of students against drugs and alcohol. They meet weekly and organize activities and hold dances at the school. They have had leadership conferences and tonight they are all participating in Relay for Life.

I was excited for Kyle to donate money and participate with the American Cancer Society, but I have no patience for irresponsible organizers.

The adult leader of the group (a teacher) did not arrive at the event until 30 minutes after it began. My son, along with several other teenagers, stood around with their things unable to even register because their group coordinator had all their forms and money.

When he finally arrived he didn't say one word to the waiting parents - just plowed on through and made his way to register. I finally left my son there, but with specific instructions to call me every hour.

If the group was a cult they would probably forget to buy the sugar for the Kool-Aid, or the guy in charge would buy Crystal Light instead and screw up all their plans.

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