We're not moving far, just across town, but finally after two years of living in our college dorm-like apartment we found a house. It is perfect for us and especially for the kids. It is just steps away from a beautiful park where summer concerts are held and it is three doors down from Kyle's best friend's house.

We will be furiously packing boxes in the coming weeks, as we move in on May 1st. Not the best time to plan a move, what with graduation just weeks away, but we will make it work. I dreamt last night about all the room I am going to have. I have fantasized about having a laundry room I can actually make a 360 degree turn in. Our new laundry room in enormous and has so much storage and counter space I think I'll use it as a craft room as well. (Okay, that makes me sound all artsy and stuff, which is so not the case. I just like the sound of actually having a craft, let alone a whole room devoted to it.)

My posts may become a bit more sporadic over the next few weeks, but rest assured I will be back with regularity after the move and graduation. (Not like there are so many people reading my blog that I will be missed, but I can dream, can't I?)