Let me preface this post by saying that I am sick and feeling particularly negative.

Apparently, my husband and I are snobs. Parent snobs, that is. Last night we attended our son's final band concert of the year (he's a trumpet player), and sitting there in an auditorium full of parents with kids the same age as ours, I realized I had no desire to befriend them.

I bemoan the fact we have very few friends our age, but now I know why. As Jon put it — we are snobs. That is not to say we would not be friends with any of them, but the reality is we have little in common with most of them. We were young parents. Our oldest is 14 and our youngest nine. So, most of the parents are either older, with their 14-year-old the youngest, or younger than us, with their 9-year-old the oldest. We are kind of in a strange situation.

Most of the people we really connect with have young children. I like children, (I have three of my own) but when you have already done the young kid thing, you rarely want to relive it with someone else's children. Living in a college town we have become friends with several people much younger than us, but then again there is the issue of kids. When you are married with three kids much of your conversation revolves around that fact. (Not exactly stimulating for the under 25 crowd.)

So, what do we do? Do we suck it up and try to connect with more parents or should we be satisfied with what we've got — few friends, but ones that will last a lifetime, regardless of distance or time between visits?