Father's Day is fast approaching and I am never sure what to get my husband. I usually go the tool route and help the kids make something special. Jon seems to have just about every tool known to man (reasonably priced that is), so this year I am at a loss. I will probably go with pottery/ceramic tools, but who wants tools of their trade? Okay, that was a stupid question. I would be delirious with happiness if someone  bought me my favorite pencils in bulk.

A tie might work. Jon likes ties, even if our son tends to steal the best ones for himself. When the kids were small they made Jon a custom tie. We found a white tie and the kids used paint to put their handprints all over it in primary colors. It was cute. It was worn once. Jon doesn't go for cutesy ties. He doesn't wear ties with Garfield or Disney characters and heaven forbid he should ever put a holiday-themed tie on. No reindeer or Santa or beer bottles with Santa hats. That is not his style. He goes for the more classy look.

I've made Father's Day cards that look like a shirt and tie. You know the ones. They do them at school and church with the kids. They are plastered all over the craft sites in June. But, I think this year I might make a cake like these tie cakes. They would make a perfect sweet treat for Father's Day.

If you like ties, or know someone who likes ties, check out this website. This kid adores ties and he's pretty cute too.